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“ One of the best Singapore French Restaurants ”

  • – SingaporePhil

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GOOGLE 4.5/5

“ Exquisite French cooking.
Very friendly staff and nice interior ”

  • – Karl Hansem

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“ Super. Best and most French in Singapore. Bravo François! “

  • – Ferdinand ‘Ferry’ De Bakker


“ I have been following Francois quite literally since he arrived in Singapore. You could say that after 20 years I am getting biased, i would agree. And here is the trick: every time I bring a new person to his restaurant, he or she becomes a devout supporter of his latest incarnation, whichever it is. So after Petit Salut, after Flute, after Absinthe, do come discover “bar a thym” where Francois has at last total freedom to let his inspiration guide his great experience with every one of his freshest creations. “

  • – René d’Avezac de Moran

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“ Not a fancy restaurant but the food is excellent and the staff very friendly. The charcuterie, bouillabaisse, and Iberico pork were all superb but with that order for two people -we both ate too much! I would certainly recommend the place.. “

  • – Peter N

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“ Paradoxical French food so good, you’ll be back for more.”

  • – Seth Lui

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“ Bar-A-Thym offers good French food with no gimmicks “

  • – Wong Ah Yoke

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“ Wow, just wow on all levels.  I was very impressed by the virtuosity of Francois’ creations, and sending out 21 plates of each dish at once and maintaining sterling quality is not the easiest thing to do.  Bar-a-Thym is not the kind of place where they coddle with you with complimentary amuse-bouches, entremets, mignardises, etc., but you get what you pay for, and what you get is very good. “

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